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Turnover//most of the time

You won’t find me
Because I don’t know where I am myself you see
I’ve been waiting for so long and hoping that I’d see
A sign to point me in the right direction
Where I am the signs have been torn down
No I won’t be found

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"Goddamn", he said, "I promised myself I’d never feel this fucking way again."

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Bane | Calling Hours

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"I’m cursed to rehearse this fucking fake ass smile, I’m cuffed to a soul that never gave a fuck."

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Citizen// Drown (Acoustic) 

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Still growing up, still fucking up, still lost and desperate for answers

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A head full of dread for all I’ve ever said
Does it kill you to know all the secrets I’ll never show?
I’ve been down, but never this low.