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Am I wasting my time, 
Trying to get you out of my life
When I can’t get you out of my mind?

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Hammer of the Witch

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Take a lovers nap,
shut your little trap.
It’s a pleasure cruise
when you’re born to lose.
And if I told you so,
would you act like you know?

And at the driving range,
you shouted “fire away”.
I started feeling strange
thought of taking my life
And then I told you so
I fucking told you so

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But my emotions ran unopposed
I felt just like Brian Jones
I’ve never felt that lost before
I just don’t feel incredible

But me, well of course I liked you
Have time for me, I don’t expect you to
I see me become a recluse
It’s very easy to seclude

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And if it make’s you feel better, I’ll be on my way
And all this time I sit around and think, but there’s nothing to say
And if you want to feel better, I’ll stay out of your way
And I would love to feel alive again, but I guess that can wait

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139 plays Do You Still Hate Me? Jawbreaker 24 Hour Revenge Therapy

Are you out there?

Do you hear me?

Can I call you?

Do you still hate me?

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How Does It Feel (Acoustic)//Citizen

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I go from savage disregard to worrying if I’ve been rude,

So can you meet me in the middle?